Move from breakable habits to lasting habits

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Success with Exercise Series-16

This post is part three of a blog series based on my FREE audio program.  

Making exercise a habit is the “golden nugget” of exercise programs.  There are all kinds of suggestions out there to “make you” exercise, leading to the belief that if you stick with it long enough, you will  reach a fitness or weight  goal and then exercise will automatically become a habit.

If you want exercise to become a habit, it’s because intuitively you know what the exercise scientists call the Principle of Reversibility. This basically means if you use it, you get to keep it. You have probably experienced first-hand how easily you can lose strength or stamina or flexibility or regain lost weight when you are not exercising.    Certainly, making exercise a habit that you don’t have to think about would be considered “success” when it comes to exercise.

There are many ideas about how long it takes to build a habit.  Science tells us, however, that habit formation is not about time, it’s about experience

  • Negative experiences create a habit of avoiding something.
  • Positive experiences create a habit of wanting to do something.
  • Mixed experiences create the need for willpower to avoid or do something.

Keep those facts in mind as you consider the #1 fitness trend of 2018 – High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.  This is where you put in all-out effort in order to get your cardio over with in less time.  What does it say about how we are using the science of habits and reversibility if our #1 way to exercise right now is very uncomfortable so we can get it over with? 

Listen to part 3 of my FREE audio program to find out how to design exercise so you move from breakable to lasting habits. (Hint: it’s about making exercise something you want to do.)

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