Why can’t I stay motivated?

Why is it so hard to stay motivated?-3Have you had conversations with yourself or others around the theme of why can’t I stay motivated to exercise?  

Are the conversations getting old?

The crazy paradox here is that what works is right under our nose.  Motivation science reveals conclusive information about what works for temporary motivation and what works for motivation that lasts forever—and there is a big difference. We have focused way too much on those temporary motivators, like losing weight, incentives, and challenges. Unfortunately, temporary motivators will just not work when it comes to exercise because our body is a use it to keep it system.  We need to tap into the principles, known truths, about the best way to approach exercise and about lasting motivation to enjoy lasting benefits.

We have the information we need to end the struggle for exercise motivation! The key is blending all we know about how the brain and body work best, in a way we can easily use every day.  That is our mission here at Whole-person Fitness!

Join the Whole-person Fitness community in our Exercise Motivation Revolution.

Here’s how, step by step:

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