Ready for some motivation inspiration?

Ready for somemotivation inspiration?We’ve been exploring what drains and what sustains motivation for exercise, but we know that information does not automatically lead to motivation. Lasting change is a process and changing your mindset about exercise and motivation takes time and practice.

How do I know? First because the science of change has shown that change does not happen overnight—it is a process and it happens in stages. Second, because I have been through this process with many people struggling specifically with motivation for exercise.

Based on what I have learned over the past three decades, I am creating tools for you to use this blend of science and experience to create your sustainable exercise motivation. If you have spent long enough draining your motivation for exercise with trying to be ‘good’ and do what you should do, wasted too much time and money on gadgets and intense programs to keep you motivated, click here to sign up for my email list.

I’ll soon be sharing some free tools for understanding motivation and clearing the motivation drains because I want you to discover how possible it is to keep yourself motivated. These tools for more reliable and sustainable ways to get what you want from exercise are only available to those on my list, so sign up today.


Janet 🙂

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