Valentine’s Day special offer!

happy-couple-cycling-in-canola-fields-picture-id178834556-2On February 14,  celebrate your “whole” heart with 10% off my new online course,  Cardio Confidence. This course is like having a consult with a clinical exercise physiologist. Some information you will already know, some will surprise you, either way you will come away with more confidence in your ability to enjoy the many benefits of cardio.

A lot of very good information, that nicely included that cardio does not have to be a sweat until you drop, go all out element of health.  ~ Cardio Confidence participant

Learn how to make cardio doable, even when you are low on time or motivation. You will learn how to work around physical limitations, maximize your weight loss benefits, and enjoy the brain boosting results from cardio. This fact-based approach to cardio means you are much more likely to get the results you want in a way that lasts.

This course makes getting into a routine of cardio less intimidating and overwhelming.  ~Cardio Confidence participant

Click here for more information and give your “whole” heart a Valentine’s Day gift!  Use the coupon code VALENTINE when checking out to receive your discount. Offer expires at midnight on February 14, 2018.

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