“It just clicked!”

light-bulb-1713744_1920A month ago, I was chatting with an acquaintance about how she was struggling with keeping her weight off and sticking with an exercise plan.  She was so frustrated by her busy schedule and lack of energy to exercise. I suggested she check out my free online course, Fueled by Facts.

Yesterday, I ran into her again. She looked “lighter.” She smiled when she saw me and said “I am doing it! I can’t believe it! Something clicked after watching one of those sessions and I realized, I am doing this for me!”  She described how she tried exercising in the morning with a yoga program she had downloaded but never used. Exercising before work, to her amazement, did not make her more tired. She could not believe how easy it was to stick with it now!

Because my mission is to help people discover how movement can be a resource for enjoying life, I gave her a big high five and walked away thinking “mission accomplished!”

But wait, she only did my FREE program online. If this information is so powerful, why would I give it away for free? After thirty years of listening to stories just like this, watching the fitness industry complicate exercise with myths, and seeing how fact-based information makes fitness easier, my mission became so clear, I just had to share it.

Now, I can’t guarantee it will “click” for you. But I can say you will clear away some myths and uncover information you can use right away to discover more about this amazing resource for enjoying life.

A new session of Fueled by Facts, my FREE online course starts February 1, 2018.

Click here to enroll—the rest is easy! Enrollment closes at midnight tonight! 

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