“Good” posture


When you ‘sit up straight’—shoulders back, chest out—how does it feel? Comfortable? Easy to hold the position for a while? If this is the idea of good posture that was drilled into your head as a child, probably not. But don’t worry—there is great news ahead!

Day #12 of Fueled by Facts, my FREE online course, is about how you can sit and give your body a recharge all at the same time. How? By learning how to find your body’s natural position for sitting, one that is easier because it works with how your body is designed. Let go of the the ‘old’ way of good posture and find how you can sit in a way that actually recharges your energy.

I have spent a lot of time focusing on lordosis,  but your explanation of alignment was really helpful.

~Fueled by Facts participant

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