Fact and Fiction

pexels-photo-256546Losing yourself in an exciting fiction novel or movie for a few hours can be a great escape from life. But fiction in fitness is not so rejuvenating. In fact, it drains time, energy, and motivation, leaving many people missing out on fitness as a resource for enjoying more of life.

There’s only one week left to start your year off with a 30-day fitness myths cleanse. Learn the science behind fitness trackers, core exercises, heart rate, and calorie burning. You will come away with an approach to fitness that’s free of fiction and full of ways to make it more sustainably motivating.

Enrollment for the January 2018 session of Fueled by Facts will close on January 15th.  A new enrollment date will be announced later.  Sign up now to start the year with a bit more time, energy, and motivation for all the great benefits of fitness.


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