Today is the BIG day!

My new online course Simply Strong is live! I am so excited to share this approach that I have developed over the years for building sustainable strength you can use in everyday life.

What makes it so unique?

  • ​Based on the science of how your body AND brain work together to be strong.
  • Specifically designed to build motivation while you build strength.
  • Packed with user-friendly information that you can apply to other exercise programs too.
  • Build core strength you will use in daily life (without ever getting on the floor!).
  • Instructional videos with downloadable handouts that make it easy to follow the program on your own.
  • Boost metabolism while moving with more ease and confidence in your body at any size.
  • Helpful guidelines and suggestions for learning how to exercise when pain limits your movement.
  • Broken down into four simple steps so you feel better physically and mentally each step of the way without suffering through a program to get results.

​Do this program at your own pace and I am just an email away to answer any questions.

Want to learn more about this unique approach to strength training?   Check out my new blog series Why Strength Train?

Today is extra special because it is the last day to take advantage of the pre-release reduced rate of $40 (a 20% savings on the regular price of $50)​ and gain instant and unlimited access to the course! 

Click here to enroll and you’re on your way to being Simply Strong!



P.S. Please share this with a friend so they can be Simply Strong for 20% less today too!

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