Have you ever fallen asleep on your arm and when you wake up, you can’t move it?  What happened? Did your muscles get weaker overnight? Obviously not. Your nerves are simply temporarily limited in their ability to tell your muscles what to do.

3D illustration male nervous system, medical concept.Strength is much more than how much weight you can lift. Our muscles need our nervous system in order to be strong. Strength training for living well teaches your nervous system to:

  • coordinate muscles to work together. Rather than training muscle groups individually, it strengthens the movements you want to be easier.
  • move the body with alignment,  positioning your joints so your muscles can be their strongest with the least wear and tear.
  • call upon as many muscle fibers as possible because our body is a use it to keep it system.

For this reason, doing strength training exercises while watching TV is not that effective or time-efficient because our nervous system is not fully participating. Neither is diving into an exercise program full blast from the start because the nervous system does not have time to learn to move with coordination and efficiency.

strong 3

The bottom line is, strength means your nervous system and your musculoskeletal system know how to work together so you can be strong for movements you need and want to do.

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