Will doing your new online course Simply Strong make me lose weight? 

Let me ask some questions that may help with the answer to that question.


What do you want to lose?  The scale is an all-in-one gauge. If the gas gauge on your car measured your water, oil, wiper fluid, and gasoline, how would you know what you needed when it was low?  The scale is an all-in-one gauge too.  It measures everything in your body: water, bone, fat, muscle.  About 25% of weight lost without strength training is muscle.  Muscle is your strength, function, and metabolism.  Muscles support joints so they function better, even with some arthritis.  If you don’t want to lose muscle, strength training is essential.  


Why do you want to lose weight?  Is it just to be able to say you weigh a certain amount, or wear a certain size? For most people it goes deeper than that. Our weight can affect how easily we move, how comfortable we are in our own skin, how confident we feel around others, and our freedom to do all we want in life. It does not have to, but for too many, extra weight limits life. However, at any size, you can be stronger and more fit. Your body still has all it needs to do that. Since some popular exercises are not as comfortable when carrying extra weight, having modifications makes it feel better for your body and that makes it sustainable.

A Healing Walk 13180

Do you find comfort in food?  Comfort food starts showing up on the front page of checkout counter magazines this time of year (winter, holidays). Those extra calories came in handy during winters long ago where we were working hard physically and didn’t have much heat. Today, however, comfort foods are designed to comfort our brain. Do they work? Sure they do, for a bit. They boost dopamine and our brain knows it. That’s why we crave them. However,  physical activity does too. It raises not only dopamine but serotonin and norepinephrine too. It releases this chemical cascade in a balanced way so our brain does not get a huge hit of one feel-good chemical that it will crave more later.  Movement is our natural boost for mood, focus, and optimism.   Not all exercise programs are designed for this, though, which is why not everyone gets the “comfort” from it.

So will Simply Strong help you lose weight? That depends on many factors. It is, however, specifically designed to help you achieve more of what you want from weight loss and feel better physically and mentally each step of the way.

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