Consider the last time your motivation for exercise seemed to disappear without warning. What happened?  There is one very common drain on motivation I see over and over—the diving in…


You may not have much time for exercise, and if you do, there might be other ways you want to spend your time. So when a program comes along and tells you that it will make you fit and slim quickly, why wouldn’t you pay attention? Sounds perfect!

Since loss of muscle, strength, and stamina is invisible, it’s easy to think we can jump right into exercise.  Doing more than your body is ready for is a stark reminder of how much you have lost since your twenties. Motivation eventually drains away because who wants to be continuously reminded of that?!

This is compounded by several myths and misconceptions that are used to market programs, like muscle soreness is necessary for getting stronger and spot reducing is possible.  We can be lured into thinking if some is good, more is better.  The pain and fatigue that results is the body’s way of telling you that is NOT how it works.  The drain in motivation is the brain telling you that is NOT how motivation works either.

Fortunately, this main drain on motivation is avoidable. When you do a program based on the science of how the body works, moving in the way it was designed, and progressing at its own pace, the body gets stronger and feels better and you want to continue.

This is why Step 1 of my new online course called Simply Strong is all about getting ready in a way that builds sustainability right into your strength-training program.  Click here if you are ready for an approach that sets you up for lasting and personalized success right from the start!

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