iStock-533853247.jpgIf you are over 30 years old, there is most likely an invisible process happening in your body.  We call it “normal” aging  when we notice the gradual change in how clothes fit, activities once easy becoming more challenging, more achy joints, and weight that seems to come on easier and off harder.  This is not all from the natural aging process … nor is it inevitable. It is the loss of muscle mass that happens gradually after age thirty.

What compounds this loss is the fact that in our teens and twenties, we have more time to devote to staying fit.  As we age, our lifestyle changes and time to devote to ourselves tends to dwindle.  This is a challenging paradox—at the time we need to use what we need to keep in our body, we have less time to devote to it.

This perfect storm of losing muscle and having less time to use it is one of the reasons I created Simply Strong, an online strength training course. Strength training—not cardio and the typical activity of daily life— is the best way to prevent this process of losing muscle.  Studies indicate people who start strength training in their nineties regain strength, muscle, and function, showing us that this muscle loss is not just normal aging.  It reminds us that our body is a ‘use it to keep it’ system.

If you are noticing the signs of this invisible process happenng in your body, and are looking for a simple way to counteract it, Simply Strong is for you!

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