Valentine’s Day special!

Feeling stressed, anxious, worried, angry lately?

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To the brain and body, it is like a loud alarm is going off inside! The brain’s ability to think clearly and problem solve, is limited. Our energy is drained while our brain and body overwork to deal with the problems at hand.  There is another way…

Unleash Your Superpower of Calm!

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Calm is a superpower because it enables healing and energy in our body, clarity and focus in our mind, and the ability to communicate with others more effectively. It is fully unleashed when we understand how to calm the brain AND the body.  If there was ever a time we need our superpower of calm … it’s now!

Don’t miss the Valentine’s Day special!

February 14 – 21, 2017 

50% off Unleash Your Superpower of Calm online video workshop. 

And … the rental is now extended to 3 months!  

Click here to access the program.  Use the code VALENTINE when checking out to receive the discount.  

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day special!

  1. Hi, I am ready to take the on line workshop. Let me know when you are available to help me download the program. Regards, Gloria Ciolli


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