Calm is Contagious

“Really everything is contagious.  Panic is contagious, chaos is contagious … if you keep your head, it means others around you will keep their head too”.  Commander Rorke Denver


Test this out for yourself. Next time you feel stress building in those around you, unleash your superpower of calm and see what happens!

When we are calm, we can think clearly, conserve energy, be creative, problem solve more effectively. And science is providing clues for us about this tremendous resource we all have.  Mindfulness recharges.  Movement recharges.  Togehter they are a powerful force when things get a bit haywire!

How can we best help those we care about most?  By building our own resources for  calm.  When we are aware of our own state of mind and body, filling our own cup first before trying to help others, taking care of our own stress buildup before attempting to deal with challenges, we are most effective at helping others.  We need resources right at our fingertips, though.  When life gets challenging, there is usually no time to pack up and go on vacation to recharge.  We need the kind of recharge that is as quick and accessible as plugging our cell phones into a charger.

Fill your toolbox with my online video workshop Unleash Your Superpower of Calm.  This is not a workshop you need to set aside large amounts of time to do. It is specifically designed to be done in the midst of life, because this is where the best learning takes place. Taking ten minutes a day to watch part of the program primes you for learning how you can unleash calm all day long.

To sign up, click here and until midnight tonight, November 23 2016 take 30% off!

Unleash Your Super Power of Calm is a positively life-altering program. We hear all the time that to maximize ourselves and our potential, we have to live in the moment, be present, and avoid worrying about the past and future. This is easy to say and really really hard to execute. Janet and her incredible teaching skills, expertise, and passion has put together an all-encompassing, accessible, and efficient program that from start to finish ignites all our personal potential and gives us the tools to be the best version of ourselves possible.

 …after completing the series, I can honestly say it is WELL worth it. I have never felt so connected with my purpose and my potential and never been so efficient and motivated with my career and personal life. I now view the daily “grind” as a a daily gift or opportunity. I am more focused, free, and poised each day to tackle any challenge life presents and I feel accomplished at the end of each day rather than drained. Gift yourself with this series and having Janet coach your life. If you follow her lead, she will get you to achieve daily and long-term excellence through this series.

Evren Gunduz

Founder and Director of

Enjoy Life Leadership

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