What drains motivation for exercise?

slide1What are you getting from the popular approach to exercise? Gain or pain? Energy or fatigue? Self-confidence or self-criticism?

Society tells us criticism motivates. Be hard on yourself, push yourself, or hire someone else to motivate you to want to exercise.

Well, research tells another story. Repeatedly, research shows that people who treat themselves with kindness and compassion, as they would a good friend, actually have more resilience, creativity, optimism, motivation, self -onfidence, happiness, ability to cope with pain, confidence with setting goals and are MORE likely to stick with diet, exercise, or smoking cessation programs!

Ready for a new approach?  Check out this excerpt from the online video workshop Unleash Your Superpower of Calm.

You can purchase the online video workshop, Unleash Your Superpower of Calm here. Purchase by midnight of November 23, 2016 and receive a 30% discount. Use the code UnleashCalmNow when checking out.

What did the reviewers say about this session of Unleash Your Superpower of Calm?

I knew about the benefits of exercise and stress management but had never seen them so seamlessly connected before.

I love the reminder that mindful movement is free, effective, and doesn’t take long.

I love the concept of “body as a resource”, and movement for calming the mind-body.

It’s so important to bust the myths surrounding exercise and this session did that beautifully.

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