Why so serious?

I love this reminder from Johanna Rosberg! Well-being is lighthearted, not to be forced or “tried for.” It is BEING well (instead of doing well).

The part about skipping the gym – I might suggest some other options if you are looking to break the habit of soothing with food and TV – go for a walk outside or with a friend who makes you belly laugh or play your favorite happy song (i.e. “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”), dance and sing along.

Whatever you choose…Enjoy!!!

Create your life


People take life too seriously. Trust me, I know (because I do it, too).

Maybe it’s because we try so hard to be perfect?

Whatever the reason, we seem to take life so seriously that we forget to live it truly and purposefully – because what other purpose is there to life, than to just live it?

It’s as simple as that. Life is for the living.

So what happened, then, to just living life, living in the moment, forgetting about all that other stuff – the grey matter?

Maybe this is just what we, as humans, do: we take things seriously. We take our jobs too seriously, we take ourselves too seriously, we take our relationships too seriously, we take jokes too seriously – heck, we even take gluten way too seriously!

But you know what? It’s time we lighten up a little!

Try to let go…

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