In the pivotal part of inspirational movies, the main character has some epiphany, gets really clear about what is important, what needs to be done, and what does not need to be done. The tremendous energy and focus from this clarity propels them into action toward their goal.

Watching these movies, it can seem like these moments are once in a lifetime events. In reality, we can have these (not so dramatic) moments every day and gain the clarity, creativity, energy, and focus to stay motivated and activate our own well-being.

That energy comes from being internally guided, laser-focused on what is really important, instead of doing things because we “should” or “have to.”  Having a very clearly defined personal vision for our well-being allows us to call up our own motivational movie-like pivotal moments in daily life.

External supports help awaken and guide and are tremendously important resources. They may provide the spark for the flame, but the sustaining energy, focus, and creativity comes from within.

circle-of- 2jpgStephen Covey described this as the circle of influence and circle of concern. When our focus is in the circle of concern – all the things that could go wrong, past failures, or what we can’t do or have in the moment – we are draining our energy. When we are focused in the circle of influence – on what we have control over – we realize how much we really can do to be healthy and well.  This is where pivotal moments happen.

When we shift our attention, we realize there are so many ways to activate well-being moment by moment. For example:

  • Ten minutes of movement stirs up “feel good” chemicals in the brain elevating mood
  • Stretching moves fluids in the body, triggering healthy cell growth
  • Shifting attention from lack to gratitude calms the mind and boosts creativity

It’s a simple shift that changes everything. Mindfulness allows us to recognize when our focus is outside the circle of influence. We can then make a choice to shift attention.  Adding structured moments to drop into mindfulness during the day – while the coffee is brewing, while standing in line, while washing our hands – provides times to check in, to get back into the circle of influence by shifting our attention to our well-being vision and creating mini pivotal moments that keep us energized and motivated.

Activate it:

  • Choose moments of the day to drop into mindfulness
  • Notice where your focus is – circle of influence or concern?
  • Recall your well-being vision.
  • Review all the ways to support motivation from weeks 7, 8, and 9 of the blog series.
  • Ask “how can I bring that vision into this moment?”
  • Let the energy from the vision and the shift to your circle of influence internally guide you to activate your own well-being in that moment.

May You Be Well,


Janet Huehls, MA, RCEP, CHWC

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Health and Wellness Coach

Yoga and Meditation Teacher