The past twelve weeks of writing this blog series has been full of more discoveries and learning than I could ever have imagined.

With the full picture in mind, let’s take the next few weeks to explore some of the takeaways from this blending of the sciences of mindfulness, motivation, and movement.


  • There is something special about mindfulness. This article cites research that shows mindfulness actually changes the body while relaxation exercise did not. Although both led to participants reporting feeling less stressed, only mindfulness showed healthy changes in the body that lasted for months after the study.
  • Mindfulness = riding the waves. Rather than controlling thoughts, distracting the mind, or telling the body to relax, mindfulness only asks that we let things be in a friendly way. Like a boat on the water, our mind simply follows what is happening inside and around us. This way, when we need to “steer the boat,” rather than resisting and reacting, our choices are informed by what is happening. We are more likely to respond with kindness and ease.
  • Compassion and kindness = an anchor for presence. Without this gift of mindfulness, life drags us all over the place. We can be tossed around, exhausted by never-ending internal and external demands.  When the waters are rough, and we anchor in compassion to ourselves first and then others, we can ride the waves and stay present.

When our goals for health and well-being are grounded in kindness and based on what we really want, we can stay on course.  The gifts of mindfulness help guide and sustain us along the way.


Ride the waves. Anchor in kindness. Know you are well. 

May You Be Well,


Janet Huehls, MA, RCEP, CHWC

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Health and Wellness Coach

Yoga and Meditation Teacher