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Start Here

Within the first four weeks of Exercising WELL you will have built WELL habits for strength training, stretching, balance and cardiovascular exercise. It’s called Start Smart™, carefully designed for you to get started, without doing too much too soon. Each section is broken down into seven sessions, each taking about 15 minutes to complete. Start the first week with the Foundations, and then the following three weeks are for mobility, strength and stamina. Come back to Start Smart any time your motivation or body is getting in the way of you exercising regularly.

New members, start Exercising WELL here.
Start smart with stretching and balance.
Start smart with stretching and balance.
Start smart with strength building exercises.
Start smart with cardio for stamina.

Learn More

In this section you build on the strong foundation of exercise and motivation you gained from Start Smart, and discover new ways to be Exercising WELL for mobility, strength, and stamina.

Learn more stretches and ways to build balance.
Learn more ways to have a stronger metabolism, muscle and bone.
Learn more ways to improve stamina.


Practice with me

This section is your go-to place to practice strength training and stretching with follow-along videos.

Follow along stretching, balance, and yoga routines.
Follow along muscle memory, strength and power routines.



Find all of the worksheets, exercises and audios to download in the sections below.

Stretching, balance and yoga worksheets and audios.
Strength worksheets and audios.
Stamina worksheets and audios.



Coaching with Janet is always available for members when you need a little spark of motivation or more consistent personalized support.

Free 15 minute coaching call with Janet for all members whenever you need to refocus your motivation.
Add on four sessions of video or telephone coaching with Janet for $225.