When you try to exercise, does your body or your motivation give out? Does life get in the way? You are not alone—eight out of ten people are missing out on enjoying all the benefits of fitness.1 A major obstacle for many is how fitness is defined in popular media:  looking a certain way, getting enough steps, excelling at physical performance.

There is another way, a way

  • based on science, not myth
  • inspired by what’s important to you, not guilt and ‘I should’
  • with exercise that leaves you feeling good, not sore and discouraged
  • and a plan you can live with, not fitness programs you don’t use

A way based on the true definition of fitness:

The physical and mental ability to go about daily life with ease,

with energy left over to meet life’s challenges and do the things you enjoy.2

Isn’t that the bottom line of why we exercise—so we can enjoy life more?

My mission is to make fitness simple, sustainable and life enhancing. My approach to fitness is based on decades of experience and learning from people I work with as a health coach and clinical exercise physiologist.

Discover your whole-person, powerfully simple, sustainable approach to fitness. True to your body, true to you!

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  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: National Center for Health Statistics.
  2. Adapted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s definition of physical fitness for health.